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A good start to pre-school

A good start to pre-school

During this spring many children starts pre-school which can be both an exciting but also a little scary experience. On this special day it is not only important that your child is good equipped with school supplies, but good shoes must also be considered for a long school day.

School children use their shoes in many different ways - they are playing in the schoolyard, running and romping around and need a great comfort and support to withstand all the activities. Children at that age are very active and to ensure a good foot climate, the shoes must be breathable.

We cannot guarantee that the school bag is perfectly equipped, but we can make sure that your child feels good in its shoes by giving you these tips:

1) Because children use their shoes differently than adults do, their shoes can wear out faster. This can be an expensive case. If possible, try to spend more money on higher quality shoes. This might save you money at the end because those shoes can last longer due to better quality.
2) Make sure to find a shoe that covers up all the activities of your child and not only playing in the schoolyard. The shoe must have a good heel cap, a flexible sole and breathable materials.
3) Shoes with laces or velcro straps offer the child more security, because you can adapt them and make sure that the shoe fits the foot and not the other way around.
4) It is important that your child's feet have space to move and grow in. Generally, there must be between 1-1.5 cm of room for growth in a new pair of shoes. However the recommended room for growth is depending on the type of shoe. (Read our guide about measuring the size of your child's feet right here)
5) It is important to measure both feet because feet tend to grow differently and therefore they can be different in their length and width. The widest part of the shoe should match with the widest part of the foot.
6) Measure the inside of the shoe as well. Each shoe can vary from different manufacturers.
7) If possible, try to buy the shoes in the (late) afternoon as feet get more swollen during the day. In this way you make sure that they won't be too small for the child.
8) Slip-on shoes or elastic shoes aren't suitable for the schoolyard. You can't regulate this kind of shoes, so they won't stick to the child's feet while running around.
9) Pay attention to the heel of a shoe: A solid heel cap is preferable to keep the shoe close to the feet. Make sure that the heel cap of the shoe holds the heel firmly and that it is comfortable for the child to wear.
10) Find a shoe with a flexible sole, that supports the natural movement of the child's feet. A shoe with breathable material, inside preferable leather, and a front sole is especially practical for running around on the schoolyard.

With the SS18 collection your child is perfectly prepared for the pre-school start: bisgaard has designed sparkling and metallic sneakers for the girls and for the boys a range of casual sneakers with the known and familiar star but also in new versions and with other sporty decorations. These styles will give your child a cool look and great comfort during the day.

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