Ocean-inspired spring/summer 2019 collection

Spring / Summer 2019 Collection

Bisgaard is proud to announce that the new spring/summer collection for 2019 is available for playful children's feet. Inspired by the ocean, this collection celebrates the wealth of colours and textures found under the ocean.

The collection holds shiny styles with shimmer and sparkle in an array of beautiful pastel colours such as rose, mint, sea blue, nude and lavender. You will also find styles with bright colours, tone-in-tone as well as sporty suede styles. Sneaker or sandal – there is always a style from our spring/summer 2019 collection to suit any child's unique characteristics and style.

Eco care

Our children's feet deserve the best. Bisgaard styles surround children's feet with natural materials.

Designed for natural play

To us, design and functionality go hand in hand. Bisgaard creates shoes that enable children's feet across the globe to play, thrive and develop properly, while wearing beautiful footwear.

Natural materials

Depending on the style, the lining in our footwear is made from eco-friendly leather, cotton, lambskin or wool, surrounding the feet purely with natural materials. Our rubber boots are made from natural rubber.

Sustainable production methods

Bisgaard shoes are carefully hand-crafted and go through more than 50 manual processes during production. The materials we use are carefully selected and never come from animals whose sole purpose were to provide materials for shoes. The hides used for bisgaard shoes are always residual products where the animal has been used for other purposes.