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bisgaard’s production of children's shoes in Portugal part 3

bisgaard’s production of children's shoes in Portugal part 3

bisgaard's soles are made of natural rubber, which comes from rubber trees that grow in the tropics. Natural rubber ensures a durable, soft and flexible sole that follow the feets natural movement. The nature rubber is drained through a cut in the bark and it is a white and milky mass. When the rubber is dry, it gets a natural and soft texture. The rubber is delivered to the factories in large quantities. After that it is heated and divided into smaller pieces that fit the individual sizes and soles.

In the production of the sole, the raw natural rubber is placed in a mold that heats the rubber, so the sole can be molded. Excess rubber is removed and collected for recycling. Nothing is going to waste.



When the sole is molded, it is going to cool down before it is shipped to the factories, where the soles are sewn or glued to the shoe.

Here you see the end result; a sole of natural rubber, which makes the bisgaard shoes soft and flexible to wear. The final process of the production is the quality control of the product. It ensures a final product of high quality and beautiful finishes.

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