Autumn of contrasts

bisgaard Women's Project AW 21 

The bisgaard Women’s Project presents a vibrant and contrast-filled Autumn collection that mixes graphic and minimal expression. Our AW21 collection is inspired by the graphic lines of Japanese architecture and soft, simple Scandinavian silhouettes. The collection includes classic boots, sophisticated heels, and fashionable slippers - designed for brave, loving, and innovative women.

Our color palette explores deep Autumn tones such as chestnut, latte, and burnt orange combining with contrasting light cream. Inspired by Fall's rich colors, we embrace a timeless and unique expression to add warmth and soul to the looks.

With this collection, we remain true to our signature aesthetic. The collection combines our innovative approach to design with the finesse of traditional craftsmanship. Each shoe is created with a perfected fit and is lovingly handmade from pure and natural materials.