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bisgaard's production of children's shoes in Portugal part 1

bisgaard's production of children's shoes in Portugal part 1

It is with pleasure that bisgaard can show the amazing process of making a pair of bisgaard children's shoes. In cooperation with the best shoe factories in Portugal, bisgaard's shoes are produced according to traditional and proud craftsmanship principles that ensure maximum attention to all details. Before you find a bisgaard shoe in the store, about 50 hands ensure that every little detail is done correctly.

The production
Craftsmanship, people and natural materials are key words in the production of bisgaard shoes in Portugal. Portugal has a long history of shoe production and today they have an industry with hundreds of factories - large and small, distributed throughout the country.

bisgaard selects the best materials, such as calf leather, to ensure the best quality of the product. There is also focus on optimization and reduction of waste in the production, so bisgaard makes the best of any process and materials.

Factories in Portugal
bisgaard has carefully selected several factories in the northern part of Portugal, especially in this area there is expertise and experience in the production of children's shoes. The factories are specialized in the different types of children's shoes. bisgaard ensures expertise and a complete product in all categories of shoes. Through a close and long-term cooperation, bisgaard has created a stable and quality-conscious production of children's shoes in Portugal.

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