The bisgaard website has gone black, and so does the blog as well. On this special sales day, we have chosen to highlight a range of black styles, with a simple, elegant and timeless expression. Black is sophisticated, stylish, and very practical when talking kids'shoes, and they can be used in different occasions by both boys and girls.

Sporty Sneakers

Our black sporty sneakers with soft and flexible soles in natural rubber to the sporty boys. Both the laces and the velcro closure provides good opportunities to adjust the sneakers over the ankle, which give the good fit to every kind of foot.

Style 307.217.200 & 40325.217.200.

Warm winter boots

The winter is closing in, and the feet must be kept warm during the cold months. We have many elegant and warm-lining winter boots with a water repellant TEX membrane, and with a flexible raw rubber sole. Here are some of our favorites.

Style 60528.217.209 & 60507.217.202.

Style 60524.217.212.

Chunky boots

You can never go wrong with black and chunky chelsea boots. They are a true classic, and therefore they fit many different occasions all the year round. These are our black favorites both with TEX membrane, and a warm-lining and a more regular leather lining.

Style 51003.217.202 & 50203.217.210.


For the little ones, who are learning to walk, we have found our smallest black favorites as well.

Styles 21242.217.202 & 30205.217.231

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