Celebrate Christmas and the New Year

Soon it's Christmas and a New Year is to come, and for most people the holiday means festive gatherings with family and friends. Gatherings where you would like to be well dressed. For Christmas and New Year, we have gathered some of our beautiful festive styles from our collection.

Glitter and glamour

We are as many others, convinced that you can never have too many shoes – and especially not for festive occasions. Glitter is always a hit across all ages, and has been a favorite for the girls throughout many seasons, and this season is no exception. For this season bisgaard has designed a long-shafted boot, which is dedicated to the bigger girls with a craving for glitter. It is also possible to get the classic sneaker with the well-known star on the outside in glitter this season, which will give a sporty twist to the feminine expression. You can get both styles in black and silver, as seen on the picture.


Ballerinas are suitable for many occasions – also the festive ones. This season bisgaard has a wide selection of ballerinas for the girls. They are available in sparkling colors, imaginative prints, and more classic designs. There is something for every taste and celebration. The design and details on the ballerinas are carefully designed – from materials, colors, to the closures that complete the look while being comfortable to wear, and a good dancing shoe.

Great thanks to www.mwordmag.com for creating this video.

Classic suede

Suede is a popular material this season, and a pair of cool sneakers with either zipper or velcro closure fits well with many outfits. Both sneakers have a stylish expression, as the soft suede against the minimalistic white rubber sole provides. You can get both styles in black, brown and grey, depending on what color the boys like most.

The well-known Chelsea boot

The Chelsea boot is also a safe option for every outfit. The Chelsea boot is a classic, and characterized by having elastic fitting on both sides, which makes them easy to pull on and off and fits perfect around the ankle. It also comes with a soft rubber sole that makes them comfortable to wear.