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Co-branding project

Co-branding project

We made a co-branding project with the Spanish creative bureau;

They are specialized in styling and fashion photography.

Their projects are defined by the passion of two fashion designers that have a strong desire to evolve. They have years of experience in fashion industry, just like we have, and create visual stories with an emotionally look and feel. If you have already seen photos from them, you know that they give every shot a special touch.

Work with soul and passion

They call themselves and all the people, that help behind the scenes to make everything perfect and to follow the plan, “monkeys".

They are as passionate with their dream and work as we are with our shoes and work. We share the love for details and quality on our minds, as well as unique and clearly thought-through designs.

After working together with, we can happily confirm, that they have captured our philosophy and story behind our shoes perfectly with their unique and impressive photos. That is why we want to share some impressions with you from the shoots called “sun and salty air", “tropical nostalgia" and “urban summer". We hope you like them as much as we do.

And some great thanks for Danish Gro Company who delivered the clothes.

Click here to see more photos.
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