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Customers’ Fall Favorites

Customers’ Fall Favorites

At bisgaard we make it our duty to listen to wishes and feedback from both our retailers and our customers. That's why we're publishing a special edition on the blog. We asked one of our retailers in the Nordic market to identify which fall models have been particularly popular this year with our customers in the Nordic region.

For several years Kids-World has been selling bisgaard shoes. For this entry they have identified 4 specific styles that have been top customer favorites this fall. See the hit styles. Are they your fall favorites too?

Styles 11203.999/11204.999
Customers love these wool slippers, with or without elastic. They're a great choice for nursery or pre-school because of the non-slip rubber sole. The Velcro closure makes it possible to adjust the slipper over the ankle to suit any foot, and the slippers are easy for any child to put on and take off. Wool also has a temperature-regulating effect that makes sure the feet stay warm in the winter months, while in hot spells it releases surplus warmth.

Style 92009.999
The thermal rubber boots are one of our top favorites and a great supplement to winter boots in the winter months. The waterproof rubber, thermal sole and woolen lining guarantee dry, warm feet. One advantage of these thermal rubber boots is that they are easy to slip into, and can be tightened at the top with laces to keep out snow and sludge.

Style 60526.217
These boots are a real winter winner. The boots have Velcro closure, so kids can put them on and take them off easily, and they can be adjusted for the foot over the ankle and up the leg. TEX are water resistant and breathable, keeping feet dry throughout the winter and making them ideal for outdoor play.


If you haven't purchased any fall favorites yet, use the links below to take a closer look at the collection or find the retailer nearest to you.

See the entire 2017 fall/winter collection here.

Find your nearest retailer here.

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