First walker shoe - The most important features

When looking for a first walker shoe it is important to know what to look for. With first walkers from bisgaard you will always get a shoe that provides solid and safe support for your child and furthermore takes the developing of the feet and the child's natural movement into account. All bisgaard first walker shoes are made from soft natural leather, which makes them both breathable, flexible and very adaptable the feet.

Ready, set, go

You should start looking for first walker shoes when the child is about learning to walk and need less help to keep standing. At that time, the child's muscles in both legs and feet have developed sufficiently enough to carry the weight.

During the learning process, we recommend that the child walks barefoot as much as possible indoor, and wear soft and flexible shoes with good support when walking outside. For indoor we recommend a soft and lightweight prewalker with a non-slip sole. When the child has begun walking, it is important to choose a shoe that fits the feet properly around the ankle and allows space for the natural development of the muscles.

Our range of first walkers have both shoes for narrow and wide feet. They have a solid and high heel cap that ensures a close fit to the foot. The sole is soft, flexible and in the natural shape of a child's foot. This means the child develops a natural way of walking.

Lace and velcro for first walker shoes

It is possible to adjust our beginner shoe in both width and over the ankle with laces or Velcro straps. It provides better individual support and comfort without compromising the child's free movement. There are more options for adjustment by choosing a first walker shoe with laces. Velcro has some practical advantages and it makes it easier and faster to get the shoe on and off. The preferred option is often a question of usage and opinion.

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