Guide to ballerina flats

Ballerina flats are versatile shoes that can be used both indoors and outdoors. They come in many designs, making them suitable even for festive occasions. For ballerina flats, it is important that they are made from soft and flexible materials that follow the natural movements of the foot and adjust to its shape. This results in a comfortable pair of shoes that can easily be worn all day.

Natural materials

We use natural materials for our ballerina flats. The shoe itself is made from calf leather, which creates a good internal climate inside the shoe, allowing your child's feet to breathe. The soles are made from non-slip natural rubber, making a flexible bottom and sure footing on all types of surfaces. Both materials are pliable and durable, and with the right care and maintenance, our ballerina flats can last for several seasons.

Stylish ballerina flats for girls

Bisgaard stocks ballerina flats in a large variety of designs, so regardless of your need for casual footwear or something for a special occasion, we have the pair you need. The design and every small detail have been well thought through and carefully considered. We are deliberate in all our selections of materials, colors, closures and soles for our ballerina flats and pay special attention to comfort, quality and great design.

The rigid heel cap ensures that the shoe fits snugly around the foot and prevents the heel from slipping out. Our ballerina flats come with buckles, elastic or Velcro closures over the instep. These make sure that the shoes fit well around the foot, while also serving as an added detail.

Caring for ballerina flats

In order to keep the flats looking great for as long as possible, we suggest removing any dirt from them with a moist cloth. For the best possible care, treat them with beeswax so that the leather can maintain its elastic properties and great look. We recommend beeswax spray as it is easy to apply in the appropriate amount. Other than that, applying a bit of shoe polish (either in a neutral color or that of the shoe) can help bring some color back to the shoes.

Room for growth in ballerina flats

We recommend factoring in a little room for growth when considering a size for our ballerinas. It is important for the flats to have a snug fit, which is why we only recommend leaving a little extra space - specifically 1 cm. If the shoes are too big, the heel may slide out and could make your child curl their toes while walking to prevent their shoes from falling off. This can lead to impaired development of their feet


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