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Guide to shoes (velcro/laces)

Guide to shoes (velcro/laces)

Shoes with velcro closure and laces can be adjusted both in terms of width and instep volume. This helps ensure that your child's feet get the optimal support, fit, and comfort without having to compromise on the child's ability to move their foot naturally while wearing shoes.

Shoes with laces for children
Shoes with laces have more adjustment possibilities than their Velcro counterparts. Laces can be adjusted exactly to the shape of the foot. bisgaard shoes with laces are designed in a way that the laces neither constrict nor squeeze the foot, but simply help ensure that the shoe has a flexible and appropriate fit. Our short boots with laces also come with a zipper on the inner side, making them easy to take off and put on for very young children.

Shoes with Velcro closure for children
Shoes with Velcro closure are a good option for very young children. The Velcro closure makes it simple and quick to put on your child's shoes, and with time he or she can learn to take them off and put them on on their own. The Velcro closure ensures that the shoes close snugly around the feet, resulting in solid support. Shoes with Velcro closure are a good option for first walker shoes, for instance, but also for boys and girls who are slightly older. The Velcro in our shoes is highly durable and in line with the same high quality standards we have for every other part of our shoes.Shoes with laces and Velcro closure are appropriate for any occasion. Our shoes are available in a large variety of designs, many of which are also suitable for festive occasions.

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