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Guide to winterboots (with TEX)

Guide to winterboots (with TEX)

Winter boots are first and foremost designed to keep feet warm and dry during winter. They accomplish this with the help of certain materials, such as leather, suede, textile, or wool lining combined with a TEX membrane. All the materials used in our boots are 100% natural and carefully selected. bisgaard winter boots consist of three different layers: The lining, TEX membrane, and leather, as well as a rubber outsole. This makes the boots breathable, soft, and flexible while also keeping water out.

TEX winter boots for children
The TEX membrane is a thin membrane between the winter boots' lining and leather upper. It is both isolating and waterproof, keeping water from penetrating the boot while also allowing moisture and excess heat to leave. This gives the TEX membrane complete breathability, which guarantees warm and dry feet throughout the winter months. Our TEX winter boots have the same unique fit as our regular shoes, which are characterized by a keen insight into the natural development of feet. Great design and carefully selected details. Our winter boots come in many different designs. We stock a broad selection of different types of boots with a variety of closures, colors, patterns. The designs and the small, yet important details are carefully thought out by our design team. The great quality of our TEX winter boots can be seen as well as felt.

Caring for children's winter boots
Leather is generally a very durable material, but your child's winter boots can last even longer with a bit of additional care. The leather should be treated with beeswax spray, as it is easy to apply the amount you need and helps preserve the leather's elasticity and exclusive appearance. The boots also need time to dry, as this helps the leather remain durable. Shoepolish (either neutral or in a color matching that of the boots) can help restore the appearance of the boots.
TEX membrane boots should be cared for in the same way. It is important to use an impregnating product that does not contain silicone. Silicone can block the TEX membrane's pores that the boots rely on for their breathability and good internal climate. There are impregnating products that are particularly suited for shoes and boots with TEX membranes.

Room for growth in children's winter boots
We recommend buying winter boots with a little extra room for growth. Room for growth gives space, flexibility and the opportunity for your children's feet to grow in their winter boots, meaning that you can go a longer time before having to purchase a new pair in a bigger size. In order to find the right size, measure your child's foot from his/her heel to their longest toe. One way to do that is by having your child stand with their heel against the wall, placing a book by the longest toe, and measuring the distance between the wall and book. You can find the right shoe size with the recommended room for growth in our size guide.

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