Home shoe collection of pure felted wool

Bisgaard introduces new home shoe collection made in pure wool felt. Home shoes that embraces children's feet with warmth and care. Made from the heart with the clear impression of Scandinavia's timeless and unique simplicity. Soft and comfortable wool felt home shoes, which in design and fit is true to the bisgaard values. Uniquely designed rubber sole show children's feet the greatest respect.

Pure natural material: for several years, synthetic fabrics displaced natural wool in many contexts, but now the wool is winning back - and for many good reasons:

Regulates temperature

Wool is an insulating and breathable material that releases moisture seven times faster than other materials, therefore you will rarely experience a humid wool home shoes. Natural properties prevent bacteria to live in wool and a thereby prevents bad odor.

Durable and self-cleaning

Wool contains lanolin, which is a fat substance from the sheep, which is also used in the soap. Lanolin protects the wool fibers and acts self-cleaning when the wool is moist.
Felted wool is a durable material with a natural flexibility that adapts to the foot's shape and increases comfort.


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