How does the TEX membrane work in winter boots?

What is TEX?

TEX membrane is an ultra-thin layer between the shoe's upper material and the inner lining. It consists of small pores that prevent water and snow from entering the shoe. The TEX- system transports moisture vapor away from the feet through the TEX membrane, which gives a breathable and comfortable shoe. The TEX-membrane helps keep the child's feet dry and warm throughout the cold and wet winter months.

4 good reasons for choosing footwear with TEX

- Keeps feet dry and warm
- Water resistant
- Great breathability and comfort
- Healthy environment for the feet all day

Maintainance of shoes and boots with TEX

Boots and from bisgaard, with or without the TEX membrane, are maintained in the same way. You should always use permeation without silicone. Using the wrong permeating sealant may close the TEX membrane pores. There are permeation products available specifically for shoes with the TEX membrane. It is recommended that TEX shoes are often cleaned to maintain the TEX membrane and keep the full functionality. If the boots become wet, let them dry in a natural way. You should never place wet boots close to a heater because it might damage the TEX membrane and dry out the leather.


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