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How to care for leather and suede

How to care for leather and suede

A pair of shoes or boots can last much longer if you look after them correctly.

Protective impregnation
New shoes and boots should always be impregnated before putting them into use. Impregnation helps ward off a lot of dirt, protecting the exterior of the footwear. It also has a water-repellent effect. It is important to impregnate leather and suede footwear at regular intervals in order to maintain a protective coating. Always clean your footwear prior to impregnation. We recommend impregnating leather and suede footwear with 3 thin coats instead of a single thick coat.

Caring for leather
To ensure that your child's leather shoes and/or boots are kept in great condition, you should remove any dirt from the footwear using a damp cloth. Once you are sure they are free of dirt and grime, coat them with beeswax spray, which is easy to apply in the right amounts and keeps the leather looking great and supple. If the leather footwear is worn often, it is important that you give it time to fully dry out every now and then. However, you should never place leather shoes or boots by a radiator or in a heating cupboard, as this dries out the leather and in the worst case may lead to the leather cracking. You can also use shoepolish at regular intervals. Choose between a color-free polish or one with colors to keep the footwear looking new. Apply the shoepolish with a cotton cloth.

Caring for suede footwear
Suede shoes or boots can lose a bit of their color over time, but fortunately there's an easy fix for this. Just as with leather footwear, the first important step is to remove any dirt and grime from your suede shoes or boots using a damp cloth. Following that, you can apply liquid shoepolish (either neutral or colored). We also recommend that you use a suede brush that can brush the little hairs on the suede into an upright position again and remove any stains or dents.
With the right care routine, you can keep suede footwear looking great and significantly extend its life.

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