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How to choose the right sandal for your child’s feet

How to choose the right sandal for your child’s feet

Summer is just around the corner and the sun will shine and tickle your child's toes in its sandals. We have collected some advises for you to make it easier to find the right sandal. Every child is unique and has different needs, which can make it difficult to know what to look for.

Breathable materials are important:
We only make sandals of genuine soft leather that makes the feet breathe in hot temperatures. Soft leather is also the most comfortable to wear. Sandals in non-natural materials don't allow the feet to breathe, and some might experience that the feet can get swollen which doesn't feel comfortable.

Sandals for small children:
We recommend a closed sandal for small children up to 2 years, because they need more support and stability. If a sandal sits tightly on the ankle and on the instep, open and closed heels can both provide the necessary support. A sandal with a closed toe cap provides the toes with more protection than an open toe cap and is therefore particularly well suited for small children.

Sandals for bigger children:
Open sandals are ideal for bigger children, because the feet have better movement possibilities and the toes get more air on hot days. When your child has an open sandal, it is important to pay attention, that the feet get enough support by the straps.

Growth allowance in sandals:
We advise you to buy sandals with extra growth allowance as children's feet grow fast and sandals should last all summer. We recommend 1 – 1,5cm for closed sandals and for open sandals 1cm extra space. It is important that sandals for small children are not too big, because this can impair the movement of the child (extra space here max. 1cm).

The width of the sandals:
Pay attention to the width of the sandals so that they fit perfectly to the children feet. Our sandals are made with Velcro or straps that can be put on and off easily. Both allows to be adjusted around your child's feet, so they get the right support.

How to take care of your child's sandals:
Not only winter boots need to be taken care of, also sandals need to be cared during summer to last all season. You can remove dirt with a wrung damp cloth.
Wax or impregnation spray helps to maintain the beautiful look of the sandal.
With a shoe polish, the color can be refreshed.
For suede sandals, we recommend a shoe brush to care for them.

Sandals are the ideal shoes for summer because they protect the feet but also allow them to breathe. Follow our guide and find a comfortable pair of sandals that goes with your child the whole summer - at the beach, in the mountains, and when its playing around.
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