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How to give the winter boots new life with the right care

How to give the winter boots new life with the right care

The leather is one of the most exclusive materials, we can get. The winter can be tough and wear out winter boots in leather. Over time the leather can lose its shine, but with the right care, the leather feels new again. Therefore, it is important to care for the winter boots to make them resistant to wind and weather. With the right care the winter boots can last longer, and you can enjoy them even more. We will guide you to take care of your child's winter boots during the winter month.

How to take care of your child's winter boots:

- Clean the boots.
- Let them dry.
- Use a leather care product.
- Impregnate them.

Clean the leather
Leather tends to get rough when it gets dirty. Therefore, the first step in the care process is to clean the leather. It is important that you use a cleaner designed for leather because water is hard for leather and can cause further damage. We advise you to read the instructions before purchasing any cleaning products for your boots in leather, so you are sure that it can be used for leather.

Allow the leather to dry
Before starting the care of your boots, the leather must dry. A dry surface ensures that the rest of the care process is effective. Let the winter boots dry after you have cleaned them. It is important that you don't let the winter boots dry in an incubator or too close to a hot radiator as it can dry out the leather, and contribute to cracks in the leather. Also, do not let the boots dry directly in the sun as it may bleach the leather, and dry them out as well. We recommend normal room temperature around 20 degrees as good conditions when drying your kids boots.

Care of leather
For the care of the boots, we recommend that you spray the winter boots with beeswax. It's easy to dose and maintain the leather's flexibility and preserves an exclusive look, but you can also use a shoe creme for leather. You can use a cotton cloth to put it on. When using a shoe cream, massage the cream into the boots with circular movements. This gives an even distribution of the product and a smoother result. Work the cream into the leather in small areas.

Use impregnation
Finally, impregnate the footwear. Impregnation rejects dirt and provides a water repellent surface. We recommend impregnators in 3 thin layers. Impregnate winter boots on a regular basis, especially in periods where the weather is extra wet to achieve the full effect. It is important that you use an impregnation designed for leather materials. Take special notice of using impregnation WITHOUT silicone to impregnate winter boots with TEX membranes as silicone can damage the attrubutes of the TEX membrane and make them less breathable.

Shoe color
At intervals, a shoe color can be used to refresh the color. Here you can also use a cotton cloth to put it on.

Care of suede
In the case of suede, a skull designed for suede can be used to replenish the color. We recommend that you subsequently use a suede brush to brush the small hair up again and remove any stains and bullets. You can impregnate winter boots in suede as described above.

By following the tips, you can ensure the boots a longer life and greater joy. We recommend that you care the boots a few times during the season to keep the leather beautiful and good qualities.

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