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Is inherited shoes a good solution for the child?

Is inherited shoes a good solution for the child?

For many parents, this question arises as a tempting solution when looking for children's shoes. For many people, the natural is when the younger child inherits the shoes after the elder sibling. Even though it is economically profitable, you need to consider whether it is a good solution for the child?

Children's feet are just as everyone else, different from each other. Some are wide, others are slim, longer or shorter. In most cases, children have a wide and flat foot, which in time grows narrower as the foot and its bone structure develops. Children's feet are soft and vulnerable and the first years of life determine the proper development of muscles, ligaments, and feet.

The child could inherit more than just the shoes
New shoes adapt to the feet and its different, unique shape. The interior of the shoe also extends in the areas where the foot is wider, but this also means that shoes are worn differently due to the foot shape and the unique movement patterns of each child.

When children inherit shoes, there is a high probability that a child will inherit not only the shoes but also the abnormal habits of its predecessor. The child will not be properly developed in its own way of walking because they will adapt to their previous user.

The shoe must fit the foot
The shoe must fit the foot, not the other way around. If you choose the wrong shoes your child will put the feet in the wrong way, which may cause problems with the feet, knees or back in adult life. Unused shoes will support the natural development of baby's feet and not impair its proper functioning. Make sure the shoe fits in terms of length, width and arch of the foot. For especially toddlers, it is important that the shoe is tightly closed around the ankle and heel, and there is plenty of room for the toes. As a rule, there should be 1-1.5 centimeters' room for growing, so it does not inhibit the child's movement.
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