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Madagaskar Part 1

Madagaskar Part 1

Narrative 1

On March 1, 2016 we traveled to Madagascar. We had 5 suitcases and one of them was only filled up with shoes from bisgaard. We have previously traveled a lot in Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania and know how much shoes and clothes are needed in this area.

We landed in the middle of the night and the day after we went out to pick up our daughter Alice. Poverty was clear on the trip and at the orphanage itself. There were homeless children in the streets and despite the fact that schools are free, it isn’t a luxury for everyone, because it isn’t everyone that can afford a school uniform and notebooks as it requires for education.

We chose to give some of the shoes to the orphanage Henintsoa, where Alice came from. She is the first Danish adoption from this orphanage. We also gave shoes to a school where children with very bad conditions receive teaching.

In particular, we would like to tell you about the delivery of bisgaard shoes to the school. On the way we bought rice, beans, meat and oil, so all children could have a meal. We didn’t knew what to expect, but poverty was clear. All the children were in a big room regardless of age. When we arrived, everyone stood up and sang for us. They were hugely grateful for the food and the shoes and clothes we brought with us. The shoes were much appreciated, and for some of the kids it was the first time they got a pair of new shoes. The kids were proud and happy.

When we gave the shoes and clothes, there was an orphaned boy who had only flip flops on. Unfortunately, he couldn’t fit the shoes we brought in. The orphaned boy went his way, but we wanted to find him again and therefore asked the teacher "Who is orphaned and has no shoes?" 7 children stood op. 7 children who lives a life without parents and can’t afford shoes. We gave money to the teacher so she could buy a pair of shoes for all 7 orphaned children.
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