Nature-inspired A/W 2019 collection

Autumn / Winter 2019 Collection

Bisgaard is proud to announce that the new autumn/winter collection for 2019 will soon be available in stores across the globe – ready to keep your children's feet warm and snug during the chilly season.

Inspired by nature is the headline for this collection that carries winter boots, sneakers, ankle boots, rubber boots and indoor shoes, as well as iconic designs such as the Chelsea boots and the desert boots.

With the autumn/winter 2019 collection, the lining in all styles is purely made from natural materials, such as cotton, lambskin, lambswool and calf leathe. All leather styles surround playful children's feet with vegetable-tanned calf leather – the most clean, flexible and durable leather that will take shape from your child's foot.

With the promise of a comfortable autumn/winter season, the styles range from feminine to functional with trendy metal colours and natural shades of earthy brown, dusty sand and rusty orange – all present in the vast stretches of beach and woodland not far from the bisgaard HQ in Aarhus, Denmark.

Eco care

The eco care symbol is your guarantee that the lining in all of bisgaard's footwear is made from natural materials such as vegetable-tanned calf leather, cotton, lambskin and lambswool, surrounding the child's feet purely with natural materials. Our rubber boots are made from natural rubber. bisgaard styles contain no chemicals or metals in accordance with the REACH regulation of the European Union.


The Sprout symbolises that both lining and surface of the are 100 percent vegetable-tanned. Our vegetable-tanned leathers are produced in an eco-friendly manner where the leather is tanned by powders from natural extracts, resulting in beautiful leathers without any chemicals.

A natural sense

We are on a mission to produce children's footwear without any negative impact on the environment and as well as the health of the wearers. Our shoes are carefully hand-crafted and go through more than 50 manual processes during production. The materials we use are carefully selected and never comes from animals whose sole purpose were to provide materials for shoes. The hides used for bisgaard shoes are always residual products where the animal has been used for other purposes.

Rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition, bisgaard stands for quality in every aspect. While we respect nature in our methods, natural sense to us also implies that we are inspired by nature – both the nature of the child's feet and the nature that surrounds us.