NEW Life magazine

Children's shoes are often a concern among parents. The opportunities are many and it can be a jungle to navigate in when looking for the right pair – especially the first walkers. It is always important to take good care of the feet as they need to last a lifetime. That is why you should choose your child's shoes carefully.

The magazine

For this reason, we have chosen to launch the brand new bisgaard Life magazine, so we can share the great knowledge from more than 20 years of experience within children's shoes. We have collected several guides that can be used to find the right shoes for your children. This will help ensuring your child's feet the best possible conditions to grow and develop in.

The Life magazine is a good mixture of knowledge sharing, guidance and storytelling in inspirational surrounding. The Life magazine gives you a look behind the scene, where you'll meet our designer, Marianne Bisgaard and see what inspires her, and you can learn more about chosen materials and the production in Portugal.

Furthermore, you can get inspired by images from the everyday life with bisgaard, the collections and the social responsibility projects that bisgaard is a part of. Whether you look for inspiration or guidance you will find something interesting in the magazine.