Sandals for older girls

From toddlers to teens, girls will always love being on trend with a nice pair of sandals to suit them and the occasion. At bisgaard we have many stylish sandals for older girls. Our sandals have a comfortable leather sole and are either made of calf leather or suede. 

The first time

Your child is now at the age they want to choose their own shoes - how exciting. Choosing boots or sneakers can be intimidating, so a sandal is a great start. It can show off your child's personality and give them a chance to figure out what they like. Although it is an exciting time, you have to help them make a smart choice.

The perfect fit

Open sandals are ideal for older children, as they provide easier movement and the toes get more air. We have sandals with an open front and either open or closed heel. If you opt for an open sandal, it is important to pay attention to the straps and if they provide enough stability and support.

Decorative details

Bisgaard's chic sandals feature beautiful patterns, delicate colours and unique natural materials. They are flexible and comfortable as well as timeless, perfect for any activity.

Sandal maintenance

With a little care, our sandals can continue looking great all summer. It is a good idea to wipe off any dirt from the sandals with a moist cloth. You can also use beeswax spray to help preserve the flexible quality and appearance of the leather, but shoe polish can also freshen up the colors. For suede sandals, liquid shoe polish (either in a neutral color or the color of the sandals) is the best way to keep them looking new. We also recommend using a suede brush, which brushes the little hairs on the suede into an upright position again.


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