The ballerina flat - a shoe for many occasions

We have a wide range of ballerina flats for younger and older girls, designed for many different needs and purposes. Therefore, the shoe can be used for many different occasions. They are available in sparkling colors, unique patterns, and classic designs - something for everyone.

Made in natural materials

The ballerina is made of leather, while the outsole is made of natural rubber. It makes the ballerina very flexible and provides a good fit around the foot's natural shape and movement. At the same time, natural leather provides a good climate for the foot because of the breathable materials. Both leather and rubber are durable materials. With the right care, bisgaard ballerinas can last for a long time and maintain the beautiful look.

For everyday and special occasions

Some people primarily consider ballerinas as being party shoes, while other use them as home shoes in their everyday life. There are many possibilities and bisgaard ballerina flats are designed to be used for both every day and for special occasions. All the details are carefully thought out. The materials, colors, closures and soles give the ballerina a perfect expression where both comfort, quality and a smart design that takes the ballerina to the next level.

A firm heel cap makes the shoe stay close to the foot and prevents the heel from slipping. Some of the ballerinas comes with an elastic elastic strap or a velcro closure. This both have a function purpose as well as it adds another beautiful detail to the shoes.