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The bisgaard friendship bracelet

The bisgaard friendship bracelet

Project Honduras is a charity programme that bisgaard is supporting in cooperation with the charity organization Viva. The project's goal is to help children who spend their whole childhood at an orphanage, by giving them the best possible start into their adult-life. Most of these children have no families, have been abused or come from families that cannot support them, which means that their network is very limited (sometimes even inexistent). They have no one to help them or to rely on, once they become too old to live at the orphanage.

Project Honduras supports different orphanages in the Honduras with both monetary, as well as human resources. These resources ensure that the kids have access to education, as well as access to mentoring and guidance throughout their life.
The cooperation between bisgaard and Viva ensures that, for every pair of children's shoes with an armband inside that is sold, bisgaard donates 1€ to the project in Honduras. The friendship bracelet that you find inside your shoe box, is a symbolic gift and a way for these young-adults from the orphanage, to say thank you for contributing to the programme. In cooperation with our partner organization in the Honduras, we make sure that those young-adults who struggle the most after leaving the orphanage, are given a better chance to succeed in life. We help these young adults by providing them with job-opportunities within the project, e.g. by producing the non-profit friendship bracelets that your children are probably wearing at this point.
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