Winter boots for older girls

The new season has announced its arrival and it's time for footwear that will keep the feet warm throughout the winter. The new collection is inspired by the past seasons great features and fits, combined with new designs and materials. In this post you will see a glimpse of what the new collection has to offer in the category of winter boots for big girls. 

Stylish boots

In this winter collection we have expanded the range of boots for big girls. The boots has got a more mature and feminine look while the nordic bisgaard design expression is maintained. You will also find the popular, soft and flexible raw rubber sole on many of the new styles.

Sparkling glitter

Girls can never get too much glitter. Therefore, a selection of shoes and boots are made with sparkling glitter, which sparkles and light up in the darker winter months. You can as well find glitter on a long-shafted boot with zippers on the inside and classic sneakers with the well-known star on the outside.

Exclusive goat skin

Great news this season is the product line made with real goat skin on the outside and soft and warm sheep lining on the inside. This gives both the boots a more exclusive and natural look, and it provides great comfort to the feet as well as a healthy climate in the shoe.

Water resistant TEX membrane

Winter time can offer both water and snow. Many shoes and boots are equipped with a TEX membrane, which rejects water and snow from penetrating the shoes. At the same time the TEX membrane allows vapor and moisture away from the feet. TEX keeps your feet dry and warm on the cold and rainy winter days, that comes closer every day. You can learn more about how the TEX membrane works here.


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