Wool slippers

In the transition from warmer to colder weather, children's home shoes become extra important to ensure stable temperatures and comfort around small feet. Each of our wool slippers are available in several different colors or prints.

Advantages of wool:

  • Wool adapts to the foot lines and gives great support.

  • Wool is a temperature regulating, insulating and breathable fabric that releases moisture much faster than other materials. Natural properties prevent bacteria living in wool and thereby prevents a bad odor.

  • Wool is self-cleaning. It contains lanolin, which is a fat substance from the sheep, which is also used in soap. Lanolin protects the wool fibers and acts as a self-cleaner when the wool is moist.

  • Felted wool is durable with a natural flexibility that adapts to the foot's shape and increases comfort.

Completed details

All slippers are made with a Nordic look and small beautiful details, as well as a non-slip rubber sole to ensure a firm grip on all surfaces. In addition, all slippers have a strap on the heel. This acts both as a nice detail, but also makes it easier for your child to get the shoe on and off.

Types of slippers

Bisgaard has 4 different basic styles of slippers

  • Wool ballet: The beautiful wool ballerina slipper has an elastic band over the ankle that ensures the slipper is firmly attached to the foot.

  • Wool velcro: The slipper with a velcro closure is both a nice detail, but also allows you to adjust the size over the ankle to ensure a good fit.

  • Wool sailer: Slippers with an elastic panel on both sides, makes it easy to slide into.

  • Wool classic: This classic home shoes has clean lines and a Nordic look. This is also easy to squeeze into for all children.


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