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  • The bisgaard friendship bracelet

    The bisgaard friendship bracelet

    Project Honduras is a charity programme that bisgaard is supporting in cooperation with the charity organization Viva. The project's goal is to help children who spend their whole childhood at an orphanage, by giving them the best possible start into...

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  • Madagaskar Part 2

    Madagaskar Part 2

    MadagaskarNarrrative 2The day after we arrived in Madagascar, we had a meeting with Antonnela, head of "Centre Mere Enfant". We talked about how shoe from bisgaard, as well as our collected amount of money should be handed in and we...

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  • Madagaskar Part 1

    Madagaskar Part 1

    MadagaskarNarrative 1On March 1, 2016 we traveled to Madagascar. We had 5 suitcases and one of them was only filled up with shoes from bisgaard. We have previously traveled a lot in Uganda, Zambia and Tanzania and know how much...

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  • Madagaskar


    MadagaskarAdoptive parents pack their suitcase full of shoes from bisgaard to help poor and vulnerable children in Madagascar.bisgaard donates shoes through a charity project to poor and vulnerable children at orphanages and schools in Madagascar.The Madagascar project is a volunteer...

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