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Boots for boys

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    bisgaard nohr cognac

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    Boot with an elastic opening, and leather lining. For sizes 22-28, there is a zipper on the inside. The boots are produced in natural and breathabl...

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Boots for boys

Boys' boots must provide warmth for the feet and the opportunity for them to breathe and provide the correct climate for both. bisgaard children's boots are made from 100% natural materials, meeting both of the above requirements ensuring an optimal fit and level of support for the foot. By keeping up with fashion trends there is always a wide choice of modern designs and sure to be something for every boy's taste.

Children's boots from bisgaard place a high value on materials, fit and design. By never compromising on any of these values we ensure bisgaard children's boots provide optimum comfort for boys' feet. There is room to move and play, and children's feet stay warm and dry in the comfortable environment provided by the boots.

bisgaard has a wide selection of boys' boots in a variety of colours, designs and materials. See our selection of children's boots for boys on this page.

Warm boys' boots
Children's boots from bisgaard are made from many different materials, but what they all have in common is that they are all 100% natural. This ensures a breathable boot, which dissipates the moisture from the foot, providing good footcare whilst the boot is very comfortable to wear.

Many of our boots are lined with wool, which has a unique ability to insulate against both heat and cold, because wool adjusts to its surroundings.

Modern children's boots for boys
Every little detail is carefully thought through in the production of bisgaard children's boots. The materials are hand-picked and there is no compromise on either fit or quality. At the same time, the design of the boots is also extremely important and every new collection is based on the current season's trends. This means that there is always something for everyone. For example, bigger boys who are totally into fashion can still enjoy boots that not only look great, but also fit great, taking extra care of their feet.

The little details count
It's the small details that count, and that is the same with all children's boots for boys – and girls – from bisgaard. For example, all boots have rubber outer soles, which makes them soft and flexible and they adapt to the foot's movements. This combined with the unique fit that all our boots have, means it will not be any trouble for boys to wear our boots. And outdoor activities, parties with friends or a long school day will not result in tired or wet feet – on the contrary, our boots allow feet to move naturally and breathe freely.