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First Walkers for boys

bisgaard have many shoes with velcro for girls, that make it easy for the children to put the shoes off and on themselves. The girl shoes with velcro come in many designs. They are all made in natural materials from good quality that provides a good and natural fit and movement. bisgaard shoes with velcro are practical and well-designed shoes for girls.

Shoes with velcro are smart for the girls who want to take the shoes off and on themselves. The closure with velcro is easy to handle for children at all age. Even, when the shoes come on and off again. The velcro does not get worn but is from the same good quality as the rest of the shoe.

Girl shoes with convenient velcro
bisgaard shoes have a unique and good fit for children. The velcro can tighten or loosen depending on how tight the shoe must be on the foot. This helps the fit to be natural and gives great support for the foot.

Only natural materials
Children shoes from bisgaard are all manufactured from natural materials from good quality. We produce the shoes in genuine calfskin leather. The leather adjusts the natural form of the foot and ensures ultimate comfort and fit for all children feet. This also provides the best baseline for a healthy climate to the feet.

Natural leather lasts long and can withstand much wear, as long as it is treated with leather grease. Therefore, bisgaard children shoes can sustain endless hours of playing, running, jumping in the shoes, which sit tight on the food throughout the active playing because of the velcro.

Fit with room for moving
The good fit and the gorgeous materials make the shoe support the foot. The whole shoe is designed to follow the movements of the foot. The outsole is from rubber, which also makes the sole soft and flexible. The soft upholstery inside make the shoe nice to wear even for a longer time without the foot becoming sore or sweaty. We always recommend adding a grow adjunct, when choosing the shoe size. The grow adjunct for the individual shoes is found under product information.

Shoes with velcro for girls in different designs
bisgaard shoes with velcro for girls is found online in many different looks and colors. The comfortable fit, the practical velcro and the natural quality materials are consistent in all of the shoes.

The many different types of shoes with velcro are all easy to wear. We have implemented the closure in the overall impression of the design of the whole shoe.