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First Walkers for girls

First Walkers for girls

bisgaard first walkers for girls are made from natural materials, which give the foot the opportunity to breathe and move naturally. The first walkers for girls all have a firm heel, to give optimal support, so that the foot stands safe even on bumpy ground. The soft padding and unique fit make the shoe comfortable for the girl to wear, and the outsole, which is from rubber, makes the sole flexible and soft. We recommend 1 cm grow adjunction in all of our first walkers, so that the foot has the opportunity to grow.

As soon, as the muscles on the little baby feet are well developed and the girl begins taking the first baby steps, it is time to give her on a good pair of first walkers. It is important that they do not impede the natural walk or movements, but instead support and help the girl to become safe on the feet.

At bisgaard, we have much different types of first walkers for both boys and girls. Here on the site you can see our collection of first walkers for girls, which come in different materials, colors and patterns.

Support and comfort for the little feet
From the day, the child takes its first steps it is extra important to take good care of the feet and their development. The foot must have freedom to develop its muscles right so that it can be used for the rest of the life.

Therefore, we manufacture all shoes 100% in natural materials here at bisgaard, so that the shoe become breathable, flexible and adjusts the foot.

Grow adjunct is important in first walkers for girls
In average, the baby foot at age 1-2 years grow about 2 cm a year. Therefore, there is a big difference between what shoe size the child uses in just a few months, and that is why grow adjunct is important to remember when you buy first walkers.

In order to find the right size the child's foot is measured from heel to the longest toe. This is easiest done by placing the child with the foot against the wall and placing for example a book at the longest toe. At bisgaard we recommend to add 1 cm in grow adjunct such as the foot get room to grow and move naturally in the shoe.

Lacing and velcro closure
First walkers from bisgaard either have lacing or velcro closure to secure the shoe to sit tight on the foot. The lace ties so that the shoe does not risk falling off, and with velcro the child can easily learn to take the shoe on and off.

bisgaard children shoes give the best start in life for the feet.