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Rain boots must keep feet warm and dry and so they should have an optimal fit so that outdoor play is not compromised by the boots. bisgaard's rain boots for boys are made of 100% natural rubber, which gives their feet the best comfort, support and flexibility for their natural movement. Rain boots are available in many different designs to suit the tastes of all children, from small children to bigger boys.

bisgaard's rain boots are designed to current trends and come in many different colours and versions, with interesting details, prints and patterns. There are rain boots for big and small boys and we never compromise on quality or design.

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Rain boots for boys are made to fit with space for play and exercise
Although dark, rainy days are common in Denmark, most boys still like to play outside in the fresh air. Rain can make outdoor play fun and entertaining and it does not take much imagination to think of new and exciting games to play in the rain. For the very youngest boys, simply jumping and splashing about in puddles is the most fun way to play in the rain.

However, to play and splash about in the rain requires 100% waterproof rain boots that give the feet both support and optimal space for natural movement.

bisgaard's rain boots for boys are all made of waterproof rubber that provides good support and stability. Rain boots have a unique fit, which means that the boot does not inhibit natural play or walking, and it is therefore not hard to persuade young boys to wear bisgaard rain boots.

Modern rain boots
At bisgaard we know that fashionable design becomes more and more important as the boy gets older. Therefore, it can sometimes be difficult to convince a teenager that he must wear rain boots. However, with the changeable Danish weather, a reliable pair of rain boots is indispensable. Therefore, by placing extra emphasis on the design of the rain boots even the most fashion-conscious bigger boys will be happy to wear our rain boots.

In a nutshell, we have rain boots both for fashion-conscious young boys who are more concerned with appearance than practicality, and smaller boys who like fancy colours, prints and patterns. The same applies to our range of rain boots for girls.

Rain boots with linings
bisgaard's rain boots are available with different linings. The cotton lining is a natural material, which is great for temperature regulation and sweat absorption; ensuring feet remain dry and warm. Rain boots with our high quality lambswool lining are good for the coldest months when the soft lambswool provides extra warmth and breathability.