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Eco care
Eco care
Eco care

Rain boots from bisgaard are made in natural rubber from good quality. Natural rubber is waterproof and pliable. The rain boots come in different designs. There is a difference in both fit and choice of material for the lining. The good, fitted fit and natural materials make the rain boots comfortable to wear and move around in.

bisgaard rain boots for girls are made in natural rubber. The choice of materials, make a rain boot in good quality.

Rain boots from nature
Nature rubber is from nature a very durable material. It is also 100% waterproof. Nature rubber is flexible and pliable so that the boot does not feel stiff to wear.

Internal diversity
The rain boots for girls are sheet on the inside with different types of lining. Some are with warm wool lining. Others are with cotton lining, where its most important job is to keep the foot dry.

The different materials for lining, is all-natural and contribute to a good and breathable environment for the foot in the boot.

bisgaard rain boots for girls come with different outwardly looks. Whether the girl is into colors or a more low-key and natural look in rain boots. Rain boots are not only for practical use; they can also radiate personal style.

Fit and size
The fit is like in every other shoe from bisgaard, specially designed for growing children feet. The rain boots are made so they give good support and stability for the foot. At the same time, the boots are flexible and feels comfortable to wear in all kind of activities throughout the day.

In rain boots for girls from bisgaard, it is recommended not to add a grow adjunct. It means that the boot must fit, and there should not be extra space for the foot to grow. Because the foot may not slide around in the boot. It is important that the boot fits perfectly.

The rain boots come in different fits, thicknesses of the shaft and with different kinds of support for the foot. A rain boot that fits the foot makes the boot comfortable to wear and move around in.