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Shoes with Velcro for boys

All boys' shoes with Velcro from bisgaard are made with natural, breathable materials that give the foot a pleasant and healthy climate. The outer soles are made of rubber, which makes them soft and flexible and they provide optimal comfort for boys' feet. Velcro fastenings make the shoes easy to put on and take off and make sure they fit closely to the child's foot, providing good support.

bisgaard's Velcro shoes for boys are created to fit the boy's feet in an optimal way. A boy's shoe must allow the foot to breathe and at the same time, it must be flexible so that the foot can move naturally. bisgaard shoes have a unique fit which makes them comfortable to wear and provides the foot with maximum comfort.

At bisgaard we have a wide selection of boy's shoes with Velcro fasteners, which can be seen on this page.

Velcro shoes for small boys
bisgaard shoes with Velcro are a perfect choice when it comes to smaller boys. They are easy to put on and remove, which is perfect on a busy day. Shoes with Velcro are the perfect first walkers. bisgaard first walkers all have a firm heel section which gives the best support to the smaller child's foot. First walkers also allow the feet to move naturally in the shoe, as they are made from natural materials, which make the shoes flexible.

It is recommended to allow approximately 1cm of growing space so that the foot has the ability to both grow and move. Velcro fastenings also allow boys to put on and take off the shoes themselves from a very young age, helping the learning and development process as the child becomes self-reliant.

Velcro shoes for bigger boys
Velcro shoes for bigger boys are also a good choice. bisgaard shoes provide boys' feet with optimal support and comfort all day long, which is important in everyday life with so many things going on in the young child's life. Whether it is soccer with friends or many school lessons, children's feet need to breathe. bisgaard shoes are designed to be on-trend and there is something for everyone – both boys and girls – who are into fashion and design.

bisgaard shoes are made from natural materials
Whether it is leather, suede or something else, all of our shoes are made from 100% natural materials making them breathable. This ensures a good climate for the feet, which can get rid of moisture, and also means the shoes are flexible, allowing feet to move naturally without being constrained by wearing ill-fitting shoes.