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bisgaard slippers for girls are developed to give the foot optimal conditions, so that it both can move, grow and stand safe. The slippers are produced in natural and soft materials, which adapts to the form of the foot. The unique fit is combined with a trendy design, that caters to both little and big girls. The non-slip rubber soles ensure the foot to stand safe even on a slippery ground, and make it easy and safe for the girl to move around indoor.

All of our slippers for girls are made 100% in natural materials so that they are breathable and give the feet a good climate stay inside, and keep warm without getting wet. The slippers are easy to take on and off and come in many different designs.

See the wide selection of bisgaard slippers for little and big girls her on the site.

Slippers for girls with non-slippery soles
The slippers from bisgaard all have a non-slippery rubber sole, which provides optimal support and makes sure to stand safe even on slippery grounds. No matter, if it is for little or big girls it is important with non-slippery soles, so even the baby steps and the full speed ahead play can happen without danger.

Most slippers from bisgaard have velcro closure or elastic closure. This makes them easy and fast to put on and off, while the closure let the shoe sit tight to the foot to give the best support.

Breathable slippers with optimal fit
The materials bisgaard slippers for girls are made of make the shoes breathable. It secures a good climate for the foot, so it avoids getting wet and sweaty even when playing very actively. Furthermore, they are soft and flexible, which make them very comfortable to wear, and it is not difficult to convince even bigger girls to remember using slippers.

Little feet grow fast
Here at bisgaard we know how fast the little feet grow. Therefore, we recommend a grow adjunct in all our slippers. To find the ideal slipper size the girl's foot is measured. This is easiest done by letting the girl stand on flat foot and with the heel placed against the wall. Then for example you place a book at the end of the longest toe and the length between the book and the wall is measured.

In the size guide, which you find among all of our slippers, we recommend what size and grow adjunction is ideal for the individual slipper.