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Return of your Christmas gifts up to the 15th of January 2022!
Return of your Christmas gifts up to the 15th of January 2022!

bisgaard birke cognac

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Sandal with closed front, that provide good protection to the toes. The heel is closed and has a high and stable heel cap that ensure stability and support. The sandal is made from natural and breathable leather and has a soft and flexible sole.

- 100% vegetable tanned leather
- 100% pure rubber sole
- Reinforced heelsupport

Recommended allowance to grow: 1-1.50 cm

Available in size: 19-30

Size Guide Click here to see the inner measurements of the shoe

size 19:   11,6 cm

size 20:   12,1 cm

size 21:   12,9 cm

size 22:   13,5 cm

size 23:   14,5 cm

size 24:   15 cm

size 25:   15,6 cm

size 26:   16,3 cm

size 27:   17,1 cm

size 28:   17,9 cm

size 29:   18,5 cm

size 30:   19,2 cm

How we're different

Unlike most brands, we provide specific measurements of an individual shoe instead of a general size guide encompassing all shoes in a range. We avoid the label of all types of shoes having the same size. For example - the measurements of a size 30 boot will vary compared to a size 30 sandal. All our shoes are of standard European sizing, we do however include if a fit runs small, standard or wide.