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bisgaard TEX winter boots for girls are winter boots of high quality. TEX is a material that isolates the boot in the best way between the lining and the outer leather, without compromising comfort, mobility or breathability. All materials are natural and in good quality. The fit of the boot gives good support and is nice to move in. The boots come in many different designs.

At bisgaard we always use exact chosen materials from inside out in the footwear. This also applies to our TEX winter boots for girls, where the boot contains of three layers: lining, TEX membrane and leather.

What is TEX?
The TEX material is a small membrane in between the lining and the outer leather of the boot. It is a thin layer with a very high effect. The membrane is an isolating layer that keeps the foot warm. The winter boots keep the warmth inside even though the surroundings are cold. The TEX layer is 100% waterproof and helps keeping the water out of the boot.

Winter boots from natural materials
Even though the membrane is both isolated and waterproof, it still gives the foot possibility to breathe throughout every three layer of the boot. It gives the foot a good environment to be in, when the materials are breathable and shaping around the foot and its movements, as the leather does. The outer sole is made from rubber so that the shoe is flexible all the way through.

The solid heel and the good fit ensure support and for the shoe to sit tight on the foot without bothering.

The boots come with different closing. Rubber bands, velcro and laces can all contribute to tighten or loosen the boot, so it fits the foot.

TEX winter boots for girls with integrated grow adjunct
We recommend always adding a grow adjunct to the size on children shoes. With a little grow adjunct, it adds a lot of space and flexibility for movement.

Girl winter boots in fine design
We make TEX winter boots for girls in multiple different designs. There are many different closings, colors and types of winter boots, so that there is something for everyone.

Every detail is closely considered and the high level of quality can not only be felt, but is also seen on the TEX winter boots.

Boots from bisgaard are sheet on the outside with genuine calfskin leather from good quality. It has good property for the flexibility of the shoe. On top of that, leather is a very sustainable material.

With the right maintenance, the boots sustain for a long time. However, it does not require a lot of maintenance to keep many winters. On the outside, the winter boots need leather grease to maintain the elasticity and looks of the leather.

Boots for girls with TEX need to dry occasionally, for the leather to sustain properly.