Women's shoes of the highest quality

Shoes defines your personal style, so why not have the perfect shoe wardrobe? Shoes can make all the difference to your outfit, and at bisgaard you will find lots of beautiful women's shoes that can complete the perfect look.

Find the most popular women's shoes from the current season at bisgaard. You can find a pair of flats that are perfect in between seasons when it's too cold for sandals and too warm for boots.

It could be our incredibly popular and comfortable Gerda shoes, which are a timeless classic and a favorite among our customers, and we understand why! You can also find beautiful and comfortable loafers which are a must in every wardrobe.

Women's shoes for festive occasions and everyday wear

Pamper your feet with beautiful shoes for everyday wear and parties, and feel inspired by either a classic or edgy look that emphasizes the individuality and personality of the woman who wears them.

Choose shoes with a flat sole for an elegant and feminine look or choose women's shoes with a chunky sole that gives the look an edge. Regardless of what you are into, you can certainly find the perfect pair of shoes for everyday life and parties at bisgaard.


Natural and sustainable shoes for women

Genuine leather is a timeless and natural material that is carefully selected for all bisgaard's women's shoes. The leather is selected based on its quality and texture, which adds personality to your look.

When choosing shoes, in addition to the quality, it is absolutely essential that the shoes fit well on the foot. Therefore, women's shoes from bisgaard are designed based on the natural shape of the foot to ensure a comfortable fit.


Care of women's leather shoes

To get your bisgaard shoes to last season after season, we recommend that you care for and maintain the footwear the right way.

The leather used for our mules are soft, flexible and light. Because of this you need to take extra care. Wipe or spot the leather with lukewarm or cold water on a rinsed cloth to remove dirt or imperfections, and air dry naturally.

When the shoes are dry, permeate the shoes with a leather sealant. We recommend using a good and nourishing leather lotion or leather grease at regular intervals, to keep the leather supple and maintain durability. It gives a color-enhancing effect and a beautiful shine.