About bisgaard

In 2003 Marianne Bisgaard and Henrik Thomsen made a deal. He would get the third child he wished for in return for giving up his management position to become his wife's business partner.
At that time, Marianne ran three shoe stores but was still dreaming of designing and manufacturing shoes herself. The couple has strong personal values and qualities. She is creative and innovative while Henrik has a more structured approach and a passion for sales and marketing.

In 2005 the dream became reality. The couple began to produce children's shoes with a simple motto: Good fit, quality materials and innovative design.

Today bisgaard is one of Europe's fastest growing brands within the children's shoe market and an established international enterprise, with a team of highly professional and energetic employees. bisgaard designs, produces and sells high quality shoes through more than 700 retailers in both online/offline markets in 16 countries. Quality and design is the highest priority in our daily work. We have a simple philosophy at bisgaard: only real leather is used, always ensure a good fit, and focus on innovative design.
We strive to make every day more comfortable and exciting for children, so that they don't feel like they are walking in someone else's footsteps. Our shoes are a reflection of the character, personality and happiness we find in children.

Shoes with soul and passion

bisgaard produces two collections each year, designed and developed by Marianne and her design team.
“Based on my ideas and sketches and in partnership with specially trained technicians at our factories in Portugal, we work our way through the collection, design by design.”
“I’m not like other designers. The path from idea and concept to the physical product is not a long one. Apart from a couple of simple sketches, I have the entire concept in my head. It helps me maintain an overview of the collection,” Marianne explains. Once her ideas are conceived, the shoes are produced in Portugal where bisgaard works with several manufacturers, all of them specialists in manufacturing children’s footwear.
“We insist that everything down to the smallest detail is done thoroughly, from tanning the leather to stitching. We believe that our customers should sense our honesty when they buy our shoes.”
On a practical note: If you ever meet Marianne and Henrik, you should perhaps be aware that the very first thing they’ll do is look at your shoes. “Shoes speak volumes about the person wearing them,” the couple agrees. You could call it an occupational hazard, but they firmly believe that your soul lives inside your shoes.