First walkers for boys

bisgaard first walkers for boys provide optimal support and fit. They are made from natural, high quality materials that allow the feet to breathe whilst being flexible enough to grip the foot and with enough give to allow the little foot's natural movements. The sole is soft and flexible, so footsteps are as natural as possible. We always recommend additional growing space of approximately 1cm when first purchased to allow the little boy's feet to grow.

New-born children do not need hard shoes immediately, but as soon as the child begins to walk it is important for them to have shoes that provide support. This shoe should of course be comfortable for the child to wear, and at the same time it must meet their practical requirements. Therefore the first shoes a child has should be 'first walkers'.

At bisgaard we have a wide selection of first walkers for both girls and boys. This page shows the range of bisgaard starter shoes for boys.

What is a first walker?

A first walker is designed to give the little one's feet the best possible support without impeding foot growth or natural movement. The shoe is first recommended after the little child has taken its first steps. Only then are the muscles in the feet sufficiently developed.

First walkers with optimal support and comfort

Bisgaard first walkers for boys have a closed heel surround to give the optimum support. Furthermore, the soft heel section makes the shoe comfortable to wear. Our first walkers are made from natural, breathable materials of the highest quality. The choice of material makes the shoe flexible so that it gives good fit and good space for the foot and its movements.

What is "growing space"?

Although the shoes have plenty of space it is recommended to add approximately 1cm of 'growing space'. This equates to approximately ½ cm of growing space and ½ cm of movement space.

The child's feet are easily measured by allowing it to stand flat-footed with the heel placed against the wall. Position a book level with the end of the longest toe and move the child away, keeping the book in place. Then measure the gap between the wall and the book. In our sizing chart, the size given includes the growing space necessary to suit the length of the foot.

A first walker must fit neither too loosely nor too tightly. If it is too tight it may hinder the foot's development in the long term. If it is too loose it can inhibit the child's play, and at worst the child may fall and get hurt.

Lace-up or Velcro

Bisgaard first walkers are equipped with laces or Velcro so the fit can be adjusted accurately.

Lacing has the advantage of being able to tighten the shoe very securely to the foot. Although it is difficult for children to tie their laces, when they are tied, the securely fitted shoes avoid the danger of the child losing the shoe or stumbling in loose-fitting shoes.

Velcro has the advantage that the child can quickly learn to unfasten their shoes, and they are also quicker for the parent to put on.

bisgaard first walkers give a great start to little feet for both boys and girls.