Boys’ shoes with laces from bisgaard are shoes of high quality with pampering materials and a great fit. The shoes are made of natural materials making them comfortable to wear and allowing the foot to breathe. All lace-up shoes are designed to the most current fashions, and therefore there is something for everyone and for all occasions.

Shoes for boys with laces should both look good and fit comfortably. At bisgaard our watchwords for good boys’ shoes are fit, materials and design. These ensure the shoes give optimal support and comfort and look good.

Shoes with laces for bigger boys

We have a large selection of modern boys’ shoes with laces to suit all occasions. The shoes can be for everyday use at school and at leisure, playing football and games inside and outside. Lace-up shoes are also available in more formal styles for wearing with smarter clothes and for more formal occasions.

All lace-up shoes for boys are fashionably designed and every detail including the colours of patterns and prints is carefully selected to be on-trend. Older boys are especially demanding when it comes to looks, and our wide range of shoes offers something for everyone.

Lace-up shoes for small boys

Lace-up shoes are also available in smaller sizes for boys who have just started walking and still have small feet requiring a perfect fit. Made of natural materials, the shoes allow the feet to breathe easily and a firm heel section ensures the boys’ feet get optimal support, which is especially important at this age.

We also offer a full range of high-quality shoes for girls with laces.

Additionally, laces ensure the shoe is securely fastened to the foot, increasing support. This means shoes with laces from bisgaard will not hamper natural foot movements or growth due to their breathable material and superior fit.

Small feet grow very quickly and it is always recommended to leave growing space of an additional 1cm. This ensures the foot has space to grow and that the foot can move sufficiently inside the shoe.

Comfortable boys’ shoes with laces

Because bisgaard shoes are manufactured in 100% natural materials, all shoes give optimal support and comfort. Natural materials are highly breathable, providing a pleasant environment for the foot inside the shoe.

When boys are of school age, the shoes become a big thing in daily life, and often they are worn for several hours each day. That is why it is so important that shoes are produced with great care and attention to detail and we do this with all shoes from bisgaard.