Boots for girls

bisgaard have e big collection of boots for girls. They are all made from gorgeous and entirely natural materials. This secures an optimal, healthy environment for the foot. It can breathe through the genuine calfskin leather that the boots are made of. The natural materials contribute both to comfortable fit, free mobility and long lasting durability on the many different designs of boots for girls.

bisgaard boots for girls are designed with an eye for the details. Every model has its own unique look, in which there is thought about the design from both the whole expression of the shoe down to every little detail.

Unique design with sense of detail

The baseline is the same – natural materials from good quality, comfort and undisturbed and natural movement in focus. Despite of the consistent focus on quality and natural materials, the boots each have their own original design.

Boots for girls from bisgaard have different bottom thickness, leather colors, types of closures and length on the boot. The wide range of design and types give great opportunity to find something for every girl and parent's wishes.

Genuine leather

We produce boots for girls from bisgaard in 100% natural materials from good quality. It is important for us to both see and feel the quality. A boot needs to resist all kinds of wind and weather and different activities. Therefore, the boots are made of natural sustainable materials.

The calfskin leather is wrought, so the boots are comfortable to wear and move around in. It makes a very sustainable boot, that continues looking good and lasts for many years with just a little maintenance.

The leather furthermore gives the foot opportunity to breathe throughout the boot, and at the same time keep the food warm, when it is used in cold weather. It gives a good environment for the foot no matter the weather condition and differences in temperature.


The fit in boots from bisgaard is optimal for active kids. We emphasize the most flexible and natural movement in the boots as possible. Among other things, it is secured through the choice of genuine leather as a material.

Furthermore, there is good support for the feet in the boots. A solid heel and possibility to tighten the boot with either a lace, velcro or rubber band, make the boot sit tight on the foot and give good support. Follow the instructions for grow adjunct and give the foot option for some extra space to grow.

The fit fulfills the need for mobility and secures the comfort to be high.