Guide to boots

bisgaard sells a variety of elastic, lace-up, and Velcro closure boots. The boots have a fit that results in good support for the foot. The upper is made from real calfskin leather, and the inner lining of most of the boots either consists of calfskin leather or natural wool, which results in a healthy internal climate for your child's feet.

Natural leather boots for children
bisgaard's boots are designed with a close attention to detail and careful selection of materials. The quality of the boots can be seen as well as felt. Boots can be used all year round in all sorts of weather once they have been impregnated. If the boots are worn often, it is important that they are given some time to dry after use. Never place real leather boots on a radiator or warming cupboard, as this may dry out the leather and result in cracks. Spray beeswax on the boots at regular intervals. The benefit of using beeswax spray is that it is easy to apply the correct amount and that it helps preserve the leather's natural suppleness. You can also use shoepolish if the color has begun to fade. If the boots are made from suede, you can use a liquid shoecolor together with a suede brush which brushes the hairs back up again.

Perfect fit
A great fit is important. The boots should fit snugly around your child's feet with support from the rigid heel cap, as the heel may otherwise slide upwards while walking. Boots with laces and Velcro help ensure a snug fit around the foot and good support. Boots with elastic are easy to put on, with the added bonus of looking nice. The natural leather and soft outsole (made from natural rubber) gives the boots a flexible and natural suppleness, which allows your child to keep them on all day as they are both highly comfortable and breathable. Several of our winter boots are made from waterproof TEX membrane that allows the feet to breathe while also keeping the inside of the boots dry.

Intelligent designs and meticulous details
bisgaard's boots are characterized by a great deal of attention to design and detail. The natural materials are hand-picked, and we do not compromise on quality. We carefully consider the design and details of our boots and base them on current trends and fashion. Our designs range from classic Chelsea boots to more sporty varieties.

Room for growth in children's boots
We recommend buying boots with an additional 1-1.5 cm of room for growth. In order to find the right size, measure your child's foot from his/her heel to their longest toe. One way to do that is by having your child stand with their heel against a wall, placing a book by the longest toe, and measuring the distance between the wall and book. You can find the right shoe size and recommended room for growth in our size guide.

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