Guide to first walkers

The first little steps
First walker shoes are necessary once your child has taken their first few steps. It is only once they begin walking on their own that the muscles in their feet have developed to the extent where they start needing 'real' shoes. Once your child has begun walking, it is important to take care of their feet and how they develop. The human foot needs space in order for its musculature to develop correctly and thereby function optimally for the rest of a person's life. First walker shoes should ideally have a firm heel cap and a high shaft so that the shoes fit snugly around your child's feet. The foot needs solid support as your toddler is still learning to walk at this stage. The sole needs to be soft and flexible so that your child develops a natural walk.

Room for growth for first walker shoes
For first walker shoes, it's important to leave a little room for growth. In order to find the right size, measure your child's foot from his/her heel to their longest toe. One way to do that is by having your child stand with their heel against a wall, placing a book by the longest toe, and measuring the distance between the wall and book. We recommend leaving 1 cm of extra room for growth so that the foot has space to grow and move inside the shoe. You can find the right shoe size with the recommended room for growth in our size guide. The sole can be taken out of first walker shoes, making it easy to see and keep an eye on whether the shoe size is appropriate for your child. A pair of first walker shoes should neither be too tight nor too roomy. If the shoes are too tight, it can constrict natural foot development, and if they are too roomy, it can negatively affect your child's walk.

Lace-up shoes and Velcro shoes
All our first walker shoes are adjustable both in terms of width and instep volume using either laces or Velcro. This helps ensure the appropriate level of support and comfort without compromising on your child's foot mobility. First walkers with laces can be securely tightened over your child's foot so that the shoes fit optimally and thus do not risk falling off. A Velcro closure makes it easy to put on and take off your child's shoes. bisgaard has a large range of first walker shoes for boys and girls. With a rigid heel cap, your child's foot is guaranteed solid support without affecting foot growth or impeding natural movement. Our first walker shoes are made from natural materials that make them breathable, flexible, and adaptable to the shape of your child's foot.

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