autumn / winter 2024

warm hearts, joyful moments

As we embrace the colder season together, bisgaard’s new Autumn / Winter collection is bound to bring warmth and style to your little ones' feet. Inspired by friendship and the cozy feeling of togetherness, our shoes are designed to keep your children snug and comfortable as the Autumn leaves fall and winter snowflakes descend. 

Our new collection features fun and colorful designs that inspire joyous moments and memories shared among children and furry friends. From vibrant colors to playful prints, each shoe is carefully crafted to capture the spirit of friendship.

Inspired by this belief, our new collection is designed to pay homage to the profound impact that friendship has on our journeys as a child.

for escapades and explorations

river - a waterproof friend

‘river’ is the perfect shoe for children to enjoy the great outdoors. Explore the terrain with flexible lightweight soles for great grip and comfort throughout the day.  

Lightweight soles

Waterproof TEX membrane

3M™ Thinsulate™ isolation

Flexible and non-slip outsole

designed for children, loved by parents

a love story

bisgaard is a creative Danish children's shoe brand that aims to bring comfort and style to adventurous toddlers and curious children. We aim to design the best and most reliable shoes that both children and parents can put their trust in.

Our shoes are designed to bring joy and comfort with every step, allowing children to embrace endless possibilities and create lifelong memories with their trusted companion. Each and every shoe is lovingly created with consideration for functionality and design and has a special place in our hearts. 

We are friendly

Since the beginning, natural materials have been the heart of bisgaard. Every day, we dedicate ourselves to being thoughtful and making responsible, conscious choices that reduce our environmental footprint. By using natural, recycled and surplus materials, we strive to become even more eco-friendly day by day.  This is an ongoing process and a journey that we will continue to pursue to improve and become even better and kinder to our environment.