The core of the bisgaard Women's Project is the balance between extravagance and modesty, innovation, and tradition. Drawn by mind and body, rather than trend and bias, the bisgaard Women's Project houses exclusive leather styles that not only look beautiful but are also soft and comfortable. We aim to emphasize the individuality and personality of any woman who wears them. With years of experience and proud traditions in shoe production and a strong passion for aesthetics, sophisticated details, and natural materials, the bisgaard Women's Project combines an innovative and artistic approach to design. Each style is lovingly hand-crafted in Portugal by highly skilled craftspeople who take pride in refining every detail. Combining unique Danish creativity, timeless design, and exclusive materials, bigsaard shoes will last season after season.

Traditional craftsmanship

Our collections are designed in Denmark and produced in the Norte region of Portugal, where our Scandinavian mindset combines with their years of experience and traditions in shoe production. 

We work closely with carefully selected factories to create elegant and sustainable shoes, and we believe that this strong bond gives our styles a personal touch. The extensive expertise and knowledge behind sustainable materials and handmade technology are a large part of the foundation that drives us. Using natural and pure materials, we achieve varying colors and textures, that over time, takes on new personality and character. Our leather is carefully selected based on its quality and luxurious texture, which adds a soft skin-to-skin experience.

With only two annual collections, we honor slow fashion with timeless designs that last longer than a single season. Our high-quality and sustainable production celebrates a mindset that is regularly adrift in the world of consumerism.

About the designer

The designer behind the bisgaard Women's Project is Danish native Marianne Bisgaard. Her first women's collection launched in 2020 and reflects a lifelong passion for shoes, as well as an incredible insight and respect for natural materials and traditional craftsmanship. With more than twenty years in the footwear industry, she combines the principles of Scandinavian design with her unique know-how and is uncompromising on comfort and quality.

From the showroom on the harbor in Aarhus, trends and fashion rules are challenged from an innovative yet humble approach to design.

Strongly inspired by art and architecture, Marianne explores architectural forms, feminine tones, and classic lines with one goal in mind - to create timeless, durable designs that you will love forever.