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Product Care Women's Shoes

Women's Collection Product Care

All shoes in the bisgaard Women's Project are crafted in Portugal, using only carefully selected leather of highest quality. We use leather that has been treated using vegetable tanning, on the outside as well as the inside, as this process is more environmentally friendly and gives the leather a uniquely comfortable feel.

Leather shoes need to be cared for to guarantee long duration. Follow the recommendations further down the page and remember: The more you use your leather shoes, the more beautiful they become.

Leather care

All leather shoes should be coated before wearing. We recommend using a natural coating, without silicone, in order to reduce negative impact on the environment and to treat the leather carefully.

Afterwards we recommend coating whenever necessary, depending on use.


Smooth leather

Natural leather - just like our skin - needs care and moisture. Use leather fat or balm that you apply to the shoes with a dry cotton cloth or a soft sponge. Once the shoes have absorbed the leather balm, you should brush the shoes with a smooth brush. If you choose leather fat, please note that your shoes will become slightly darker. If the leather needs new colour, we recommend cleaning the shoes with a shoe cream that has the same colour as the leather.


Suede and Nubuck

Suede and Nubuck shoes should be cared for with a special brush recommended for this type of leather. Afterwards you can use a suede spray or a cream in a matching colour. If the leather needs refreshing, we recommend brushing it with the help of steam, as the steam makes it easier to remove dirt or stains. Afterwards the shoes should be sprayed.



Shoes with leather soles can be given an additional rubber sole to protect against dirt and water. But of course, this is not a necessity, as the shoes can be used with only a leather sole as well.