spring summer 2025

a wish for peace

This season, our SS25 collection is inspired by a heartfelt dream close to our hearts - a dream of peace and harmony. Designed with the vision of creating a world where every child can step out in comfort, style, and harmony, our new collection launches as spring blossoms into summer. Each piece has been thoughtfully crafted, embracing every stitch and detail to reflect these ideals.

Drawing inspiration from the wild beauty of nature, our collection celebrates the rich diversity of the earth’s flora and fauna. It's a tribute to the unique beauty of every flower, mirroring the vibrant and unique personalities of children. This season’s color palette is joyous and vibrant, featuring yellows, pinks, purples, and light blues, all infused with retro vibes from the 1970s to create a nostalgic yet forward-thinking aesthetic.

Our new collection is more than just footwear; our shoes are lifelong companions for life’s adventures and everyday play, supporting children as they explore, learn, and play side by side.

bisgaard barefoot

feel the earth

Inspired by the philosophy of keeping things simple and the benefits of being grounded, our barefoot collection is designed to bring your child closer to earth with every step they take.

Our barefoot collection focuses on minimalist design that mimics the natural shape and movement of the feet. Made from natural, breathable materials, these shoes ensure comfort during the warm, lively days of spring and summer.

It’s perfect for children who thrive on adventure and for parents who value footwear that supports natural foot health and development. 

Zero drop

Made from 100% LWG-certified leather

Wide toe box

Removable and flexible soles

Narrow heel cap

Designed for children, loved by parents

a love story

Our shoes are made from the finest, high quality materials. Each one made by hand. Driven by passion, extensive knowledge and years of experience, our design team combines Scandinavian design trends with conscious and long-lasting materials. In the design process, nothing is left to chance - all colors, prints and materials are carefully selected to the last detail. From the softest leather to breathable recycled textiles, our materials are chosen with great care to ensure the utmost comfort.

It's the story of falling in love with nature's best materials and highlighting its beauty, quality and durability in conscious designs created for your little one's feet.