Will you find fluorides in our tex membrane?

At bisgaard we use TEX membranes in our shoes and boots, as many other shoe brands, in order to make the shoes waterproof and keep the feet of the children dry on rainy days. Waterproof membranes have been heavily discussed, do the fact that many TEX membranes may contain the problematic fluorine substances also known as PFAS to keep them waterproof.

We have received many inquiries from concerned parents. Besides documentation from our membrane suppliers, we chose to initiate an impartial investigation of our technical membrane and thereby ensure that what we say is also what we do. PFAS is a is a collective term for many different fluorine substances. We take a closer look at PFTE and PFC.

PFC-free and PFTE-free

The documentation from our membrane suppliers and the impartial investigation conducted by Bureau Veritas confirmed that our membrane is PFC-free and PFTE-free.

In relation to impregnation, fluorine substances have also been in focus for their property of being able to repel water. Likewise, we have tested for fluorine substances, and as applies to our membranes, our impregnation is also free of PFC and PFTE.

The properties of the TEX membrane

Bisgaard’s TEX membrane is insulating and waterproof to prevent penetration of water into the boot, while allowing steam and excess heat from the foot to escape. These properties make the membrane breathable and ensure warm and dry feet in the cold and wet months.

shoes with tex

Shoes with respect for health and the environment

It is important for us to take our children's health and environment into account. We therefore only work with suppliers and sub-suppliers who comply with the EU Reach legislation in relation to the use of chemicals. In addition, we regularly carry out unbiased tests of our shoes. Through these initiatives, we can offer shoes that neither harm the children's health nor the environment.

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