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Extra soft and flexible baby shoes for the feet of small adventurous children. Made using natural, light, and flexible materials, they have been specially designed to follow the natural movement of a child's foot. The shoe has a reinforced rubber toe, which reduces wear and is very practical for the youngest children. With its fixed heel cap, it can provide correct support and stability to the ankle. This baby shoes is handmade in soft, breathable, natural leather / suede with chrome-free leather lining. With the adjustable Velcro straps, they ensure a natural fit and provides an easy closure for even the youngest of children.  

- Extra soft and flexible materials

- Natural and breathable leather

- Reinforced rubber toe cap

- Free from harmful chemicals

- Fixed heel cap

- Lightweight and non-slip rubber sole

- Danish design

- Handmade in Portugal

Recommended allowance for growth: 1 cm